Giving governments the power of privacy-protected data.

LeapYear’s differential privacy software helps agencies analyze data, share insights, deliver mission outcomes, and protect citizens’ privacy.

Big data, but bigger

There’s big data. Then there’s the government. Governments have the largest and most sensitive datasets. Used well, this data can improve the lives of citizens and boost government effectiveness.

Governments need sensitive information to work. They hold data on citizens’ health and financial records. And they must keep policies and military initiatives secret. The safety of a country’s citizens and institutions depends on privacy protection.

The new standard in privacy

Starting with the U.S. Census, the public sector has pursued differential privacy as the new standard for privacy protection.

Does your organization want to aggregate and analyze data to learn trends, but in a way that protects privacy? … differential privacy guarantees … the output of a differentially private analysis will be roughly the same, whether or not you contribute your data.


U.S. Department of Commerce
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Practical differential privacy

But practical implementation has been challenging until now. LeapYear’s software turns on the power of differential privacy for the public sector.

Our software arms you with the capabilities to:

Unlock the value of privacy-sensitive data.

Enable secure data sharing across departments and geographies.

Achieve your mission using all your data while protecting privacy.

Adopt differential privacy faster with our expert-validated software.

You can deploy LeapYear for many use cases, including:

Intelligence agencies

Detect threats hidden in sensitive data with privacy-preserving analytics.


Empower military decision-makers with insights across sensitive datasets.


Advance population health while protecting the privacy of individual citizens.

Financial regulation

Make compliance easier by making nonpublic information inaccessible.

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