Data plays a central role in nearly every facet of business today, and this is especially true for capital markets teams. Now more than ever, financial institutions need new approaches to optimize their business with information assets while respecting stringent data privacy requirements.

Based on their scale, banks should have a competitive advantage to optimize their business and drive differentiated value to their clients by combining their various data assets. However, there is a divide emerging between banks that are able to fully utilize data to drive differentiated value to their clients, and those that cannot. All capital markets teams need a new way to maintain client trust and regulatory obligations while extracting maximum commercial value via advanced data analytics.

At LeapYear Technologies, we have dedicated the last five years enabling financial institutions to share and extract value from sensitive datasets while achieving automated privacy and compliance. Our platform leverages the latest advances in cryptography, with a focus on differential privacy, and breaks down the barriers to effective use of sensitive information. LeapYear has teamed up with AI Data Science and Trading to bring a dive deep into the conversation surrounding AI, machine learning, and sensitive data use during AIDST Digital Week.

On Friday, June 26th at 1:10 pm EST, join the conversation at our digital debate: Challenges from Data Preparation to Deployment – AI Governance and Privacy. Tune in to listen to a panel of experts discuss the current concerns in AI, future possibilities, and how to ensure data privacy. 

In this digital debate, topics will include: 

  • Trading data and third-party involvement 
  • The future of data privacy 
  • The new face of data regulations 

Don’t miss the debate on June 26th. Register here for the free online virtual event. 

Meet our panel of experts: 

Ishaan Nerurkar, CEO, LeapYear Technologies 

Ishaan Nerurkar is the CEO of LeapYear, a platform for privacy-preserving machine learning on sensitive data. LeapYear enables the world’s largest financial institutions, healthcare, and technology companies to safely leverage, share, and generate insights on previously restricted information.

Before founding LeapYear, Ishaan led a consulting firm which partnered with government agencies, large corporations, and non-profits to apply mathematics research to enhance their data strategy.

Prior to that, Ishaan worked on a Department of Defense initiative as a researcher at MIT. 

John Ashley, Director, Global Financial Services Strategy, NVIDIA

John Ashley currently leads the Global Financial Services Industry Strategy team at NVIDIA. His team focuses on global trends and directions in accelerated compute and AI for the entire sector – from hedge funds, fintech, banking, and insurance. NVIDIA supports customers and partners in their adoption of accelerated computing and AI/ML techniques to improve time to insight, enable expanded analytics around risk and fraud, and dive deep into customer data to address key business problems.  

Read John’s full bio here

Thierry Valat De Cordova, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and AML Compliance Officer, Dominon Capital

Thierry Valat de Cordova serves as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Dominion Capital and its affiliates, RD Advisors and Alt Lending, and is a Managing Director at Pickwick Capital Partners. With over 20 years of experience in legal and compliance, he has advised external and internal clients in the United States and internationally on compliance and regulatory matters, financings, bankruptcies, and other special situations, acquisitions, commodities and securities trading, HR, real estate, blockchain, AI and intellectual property matters.

Read Thierry’s full bio here

Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions, BigID

Peggy Tsai is currently Vice President of Data Solutions at BigID. BigID is an advanced AI data discovery platform that helps enterprises identify and protect their customer and entity information on structured and unstructured sources. BigID is built entirely on APIs which are used to create apps for use cases related to ensuring data privacy compliance, reducing data security breaches, and improving data governance. 

Peggy has over 18 years of practitioner experience in data management, stewardship, and governance in the financial services industry. Prior to joining BigID, she was Vice President of Data & Analytics at Morgan Stanley where she helped run the data governance program across the Wealth Management division. 

Read Peggy’s full bio here.

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