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Why I Joined LeapYear – Shifting the culture of data privacy

Eric Feinstein

| VP of Customer Success

February 10, 2021

My career began on the technical side of IT and Management consulting, working on strategic initiatives at Fortune 500 companies to leverage data across lines of business. I was supporting these firms in the early use of Business Intelligence tools, to invest wisely, audit smarter and manage compliance risk. The challenge always was in the barriers of getting data through many systems and processing steps, exposing loss, latency and errors. I then spent 6 years with Looker, building systems that provided a better way to share data both inside and outside the organization, keeping it secure, accurate and most importantly, building cultures where companies can leverage data to manage their business. While the company grew from 100 to 1000 people, my role was building a best in class onboarding, enablement and technical services team.

While we were implementing projects at thousands of customers, promoting the broad and free use of data, achieving privacy was always tough. Companies struggled to find a solution which allows just the right people, the right access to very certain aspects of the data, while providing the same insights from “all the data”. While there are many approaches for this, in nearly every case we had to sacrifice some signal to protect the individual information captured in the data.


Enter LeapYear

Then I came across LeapYear. I met with Ishaan and the team almost a year ago and was amazed at what I learned. The platform could provide insight and analysis to drive business decisions, without compromising privacy or even needing to share raw data with anyone. A culture could be driven by data at the same time as valuing the privacy of those represented in it. The various attacks that require companies to put up walls, or limit insight, were no match for the approach represented by LeapYear – both in terms of preserving data value and providing rigorous forms of protection. I spent the next few months learning more about the market and the new paradigm LeapYear presented. In deciding to move forward and join LeapYear, my evaluation revolved around three aspects: the people, the solution and the opportunity.


The people

In order to build a cutting edge platform like LeapYear, you need forward thinking and visionary people. I was amazed at the amount of experience, skill and thoughtfulness of the team LeapYear has compiled after meeting with the founders, investors and team members. To build something new, the team unites deep expertise in enterprise software, security, data analysis, mathematics, academia and the industries we serve.


The solution

They take a research-first approach, ensuring that the solution is both robust and employs the best mechanisms to solve actual needs in the market. There is nothing else that can do what LeapYear does, and that is because LeapYear is building a system to reimagine the use of sensitive data, instead of solving a single problem or developing a single algorithm. The platform is built for both today, as well as the future. 


The opportunity

A revolutionary company like LeapYear partners with customers to unlock aspects of their business never before possible. To do this, LeapYear plans to be along for the ride. My experience working strategically with customers to drive toward the business goals, not just the software installation, aligns perfectly with LeapYear and the types of projects we have underway.

Now that I’ve joined, I have set goals for our Customer Success group: (1) provide the best experience possible to help our customers transform their business and data culture, while (2) serving as leaders in data privacy to protect the people and individual records our customers care about. In order to achieve this, we are investing in developing our teams that bring strategic guidance and value to our customers across Value Discovery, Implementation, Support, Customer Success Managers, and Renewals— providing the best vendor experience and partnership. I am grateful to get to take on the challenges and be at the forefront of data privacy. 

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