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Why I Joined LeapYear – To help our customers unlock insights without compromising privacy

Steve Bamberger

| Chief Revenue Officer

February 8, 2021

I am excited to join LeapYear as Chief Revenue Officer.

By the end of 2025, humans will produce nearly 500 exabytes of data per day. Inside this data is the information we need to bring new drug therapies to market faster, invest for retirement more wisely, champion pay equity, and improve public health.

But those insights remain locked away.

And with good reason. As individuals, we are justly concerned with the privacy and security of our personal data. As businesses, we need to protect our trade secrets. As nations, we strive to assert national sovereignty over an increasingly globalized information infrastructure.

We have a choice. We can safeguard our data, but we will lose insights that can extend lives, increase investment, and reduce inequality. Or we can unleash the power of our information wealth, and risk the privacy of our neighbors, the trade secrets of our partners, the wrath of our governments, and the wrong kind of story in the Wall Street Journal.

We can’t do both.

Until LeapYear.

Only LeapYear unlocks the insights trapped within our data with uncompromising privacy. Only LeapYear can unify data sets across national borders, perform otherwise-impossible analysis, and provide a training bed for machine learning — with zero risk to the personal information or business secrets inside. Only LeapYear permits information sharing across company divisions and with industry peers, without sacrificing trust and confidentiality.

This October, I will have worked in enterprise software for thirty years. During that time, I have designed, built, tested, marketed, sold, and deployed enterprise systems all over the world. I have worked in applications and in core technology, selling to HR and to marketing, in 30-person startups and at Oracle and Accenture, from South Africa to Buenos Aires to Saskatchewan. LeapYear is one of the most innovative, exciting, and important solutions I have encountered.

I am thrilled to be on the journey.

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