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This E-Book Covers

  • The challenges that healthcare companies face when dealing with sensitive data
  • A technology overview of privacy-preserving analytics, and how they apply to healthcare
  • A review of use cases for leaders from Payers, Providers,
    and Healthcare Technology companies

Healthcare companies, including payers, providers, PBMs, and population health platforms, are stewards of highly sensitive medical data. They have a responsibility and regulatory obligation to protect this data.  At the same time, the healthcare ecosystem needs to leverage data to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve patient outcomes. Traditional methods, such as anonymization and data masking, are insufficient — although they meet compliance requirements, they do not protect patient data and they also reduce the value of a dataset. These approaches create critical security risks and eliminate opportunities for innovation. 

Healthcare companies need a new way to protect the privacy of their data while enabling use of the data for value-generating purposes, including AI/machine learning and data sharing initiatives.

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