aeson-schemas: Safely Extract JSON Data When Data Types Are Cumbersome

Brandon Chinn

| Software Engineer - Full Stack Applications

August 25, 2020

This on-demand webinar first appeared at the Haskell Love Conference conference, hosted on August 12th.

The aeson library provides a lot of great support for serializing and deserializing JSON data to and from Haskell data types. But for some use cases, Haskell data types are too cumbersome to work with. For example, deeply nested JSON data would require roughly one Haskell data type per level, with a long chain of getter functions or lenses to extract data back out.

In this talk, LeapYear’s Brandon Chinn will provide an overview as well as a deep-dive of one of LeapYear’s open source projects, aeson-schemas. This library provides quasiquoters that define JSON schemas at the type-level and extract JSON data at the data-level, with all errors checked at compile-time.

This project is part of LeapYear’s overall development philosophy. One that allows us to focus on the essential aspects of the program and lets the compiler assist with the rest.


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