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Beyond De-identification: Enabling compliant computational data pooling with meaningful privacy

Ishaan Nerurkar


November 18, 2020

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This on-demand webinar first appeared at the BioData World Congress 2020, hosted on November 9th.

Our CEO, Ishaan Nerukar, sits with Domink Geller, from Sanofi, Simon Lin, from Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Enrique Salem from Bain Capital to discuss the applications of differential privacy across the life sciences and healthcare ecosystems.

The panelists will cover:

  • Current trends in data sharing and privacy regulations
  • Why many use cases, which need to pool data, have been hard to implement thus far
  • Why differential privacy, a modern cryptographic technique, is especially suited to sharing life sciences data
  • Discuss what is actually possible today vs perception – it’s more than most people think
  • How modern technologies change the need for a “trusted third-party data steward”

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