Internal confidentiality and external regulatory requirements are forcing today’s large enterprises to silo their data. Laws such as GDPR and CCPA are forcing data to stay at rest and limit the use of any individual data record. Companies must find ways to break down these silos, enabling the generation of insights and value across lines of business and geographic constraints. LeapYear makes it possible. Learn how a top-10 bank has broken down data silos, remained compliant and generated new products and services based on previously inaccessible data.

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Securely Share data

Many LeapYear customers face the same question: How do I provide access to my most sensitive data to a third-party?  Partners, researchers, analysts, and other third parties require simple, safe access to data for self-service analytics.  Learn how a top-10 technology company used LeapYear to enable third-party research projects on their data.

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Business leaders are facing the strategic challenge of monetizing data assets without incurring regulatory or reputational risks. LeapYear enables new business opportunities to commercialize data while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information, even beyond regulatory expectations. Learn how a top-10 healthcare company partnered with LeapYear to capitalize on a $100M business opportunity.


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